Help us build the new 2.0 Dashboard

Please take some time to look at the data available in this new dashboard.

I suggest you have a look at the DAU/MAU chart (read the tooltip)


This should be fixed by:

Thanks once again for reporting a RTL css issue. I have to admit I’m not always checking for this but I’m always happy to fix it whenever you report an issue with this.


Currently it seems that the values for the charts are rounded down

In this case, the value shows 19 for 19.8, when it should use correct rounding and show 20.


Agreed. Our {{number}} formatter is doing parseInt(x, 10) which has the effect of rounding down on floats. As we are very very close to the 2.0 release I went with an option to fix this, but I think we should just apply Math.ceil(x) each time by default before formatting.


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Bug? The “Latest:” backup timestamp seems to be the current time, not the time of the most latest backup.


Indeed something is off here will have a look.

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(Was just upgrade to 2.0 today - so just getting started)

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but there appears to be odd behaviour on the graphs you get if you click on the table of Activity Metrics below the graphs. The date range includes TOMORROW, so all graphs finish on zero. Is there a reason for that? - e.g.

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Seems wrong, will have a look too.


And more date issues for me

In the past I could visually monitor certain stats to alert me to an unexpected spike, particularly of new registrants. I can still see a stat for today’s Total pageviews, but not the stat for Today’s new Users / Signups. I assumed I could then look at the graph, but the stats in the graph only include up to Today -1 until you click on it (which then includes Today), and yet the dates on the axis are up to Today +3.

Is this expected behaviour?


I will have to investigate, so far I can’t reproduce most of it.

This is the “can you take a look at this skin mole” problem for a theoretical community of doctors. Pure support communities tend to be boring and unsustainable — lots of people with big asks but no real incentives for the experts to hang around, because it is a thankless and tedious task for them. But even there read time would matter, mostly for anons hopefully finding answers to their questions versus bouncing out immediately.

The long answer is that support only communities will burn out unless there is an army of paid employees doing the actual work. I don’t see Discourse as a pure support solution in any case, as no meaningful long term community can form there.


@joffreyjaffeux hovering over the image on the graphs doesn’t display what it was in the last time period like it does in the tables. Is this a regression or did it never make it in? It’s pretty handy to have.

I’d find it useful to see the number of bounced emails within the last week or so on the dashboard.


I do have this:

You don’t have it? not what you expect?

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Fixed by:



The ‘Posts’ graph won’t populate for me if I select Quarter or Year - this could be because we migrated to Discourse last month. The other graphs work fine for these timeframes.

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Does it work for year/month/week ?

Week and month work, quarter and year don’t.

This will be fixed by: