Help us build the new 2.0 Dashboard


(Joffrey Jaffeux) #232

I’ m sorry I read it multiple times and I still don’t understand exactly what you are asking.

Can you try to rephrase it in less words or with a mockup for example please?

(Jeremy M) #233

I’ll try…

So right now the Admin Dashboard shows the report for the time period with the metric, in this case the # of signups in the last month:


When I click the metric it pulls up the full report with the ability to customise the time frame and export it. However what is missing is the actual metric itself and in order to get to that metric you have to export the report, open it in your app of choice, and then run a calculation to get the number.


Wasted time when the report should already show it for you on that page, like this:


Does that make sense? Every one of those reports should display the value instead of requiring extra effort to do it manually.

(Mittineague) #234

Quite a while ago I wrote some JavaScript that calculated Sum and Average and displayed them on Report pages. Something like that with maybe extra key: value pairs in the export?

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #235

This is done and should land next week along the new moderation tab

(Jeremy M) #236

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #237

This has now been released and you should see a total row at the end of tables where applicable (it’s not showing on charts ATM, will consider it in the future)

(Jeremy M) #238

Another thing I am seeing is that the “Backups” section at the bottom of the new Dashboard is displaying the wrong date for Latest:


However, in my list of backups the Latest is:


(Jeff Atwood) #239

Hmm, I can’t repro this, but my backups are every week, not every day.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #240

Yes I think something is off with caching in our underlying backup lib. Dashboard is only pulling this value, but I think the backup cache is not correctly reseted when you do a new backups for example. Will have to dig this.

(David Taylor) #241

When I click the admin link in the hamburger menu, I get taken to /admin, then immediately get redirected to /admin/dashboard/general. This adds two entries to my browser history, meaning that my browser back button doesn’t work :frowning:

(Bas van Leeuwen) #242

I don’t see this behaviour?

(David Taylor) #243

It’s only happened very recently, maybe your site is not quite up-to-date with tests-passed? Or it could be a browser specific. I’m using chrome on macOS.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #244

Yes I have a commit I should post today about it. I wanted to clean up routes before.

(Robert McIntosh) #245

I’m seeing it on hosted sites but not on self-hosted, so probably VERY recent

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #246

This should be fixed on master.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #247

This should be fixed by:


(AstonJ) #248

Oooooh! Love the new ‘moderation’ tab in the Dashboard!! :heart_eyes: Thank you whoever added that! :star_struck:

Just a couple of quick suggestions:

  • Please can we have the default moderator activity by number of posts (descending)
  • Please can we have the edit log as an endless scroll instead of pagination
  • Would it be possible to include number of post edits in the moderator section too please?

Thanks once again for adding this - it’s incredibly useful when managing a big team.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #249

@Simon_Cossar will probably add it on usernames, I asked to different moderators, everyone has a different idea of what sort col should be, username make it at least consistent.

Sorry I don’t think I will be doing this in the near future, but might consider this at some point, at least some kind of infinite pagination. But what I see more useful would be some kind of polling to see new edits/flags arriving here on live. As I said, not for this Discourse version for sure.

Might be open to this, what do you think @HAWK @Simon_Cossar ?

Anyways glad you like it, we have been multiple in the Discourse team to work on it :wink:

Also note if you use GitHub - discourse/discourse-staff-notes: Plugin for Staff users to create notes on users a new report will be added to the moderation tab.

And more is coming for this moderation tab :wink:

(Mariano Rodriguez) #250

Something I think should be fixed, is that the second row, maybe because of the locale, doesn’t have enough space for the arrows to be inline.



That happens in English too … does it go away if you widen the page?


widens to: