Help us embed a web player in our posts w custom component

What would you like done?

It’s my understanding we need a theme component that will allow us to embed an audio player in posts on our forum - we’re using for a radio show and the embed codes do not seem to work at all (show up blank in posts). We’d like to embed the web player in a post on our forum.

When do you need it done?

As soon as possible - Radio station is about to launch. :slight_smile:

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Not huge budget, unfortunately - if someone thinks I’m wrong about needing this custom component, happy to hear it. Otherwise would love a quote because I’m very unclear on how complex this work is.


What embed codes are you using? Are they iframes? If so there’s a setting under admin called allowed iframes where you can add the domain name from the src field on the iframe so it can render.

I’ll move this to #support if that’s the case – if not, I’ll delete my message to keep #marketplace clean.


Thx Justin…

I’ve tried three versions, all below. A div embed, a script embed, and an iframe version. I just added to the iframe setting as in screenshot below, but these embed code(s) produced no results (do I need to rebuild my forum?).

<div class="radioplayer" data-src="<em><strong></strong></em>" data-autoplay="false" data-playbutton="true" data-volumeslider="true" data-elapsedtime="true" data-nowplaying="true" data-showplayer="true" data-volume="50" data-showartwork="false"></div>

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You’ll need an iframe if that’s the route you need to go. divs will not work as we strip out most HTML from posts.

If you don’t have an iframe embed option using an <iframe> tag, you’ll need to have someone develop a custom embed using a theme component as you originally were asking.


Got it - the 3rd is an iframe code. It does appear adding the full url to our iframe whitelist got us a player, so we’re 90% to where we need to be and this ticket can be closed.

Thanks a lot!