Help with alignment in the "versatile banner" plugin

I need some help configuring the versatile banner plug-in to my specification.

Basically, I want that orange button “shifted” up to where it’s basically between the two orange bars. So my idea was to copy the button HTML code from the “second column content” and paste it into the “main heading content.” This seems like it’d be easy fix, but when I do it, the button becomes black rather than orange, and is not centered. Does anybody know how I can make it centered and make it orange?

Looks like I was oddly specific with the button color CSS rule. I’ll make a note to change it to be more generalized in a future update. I can’t see the HTML you have used, but you should be able to do something like:

.banner-box .section-header .description {
  text-align: center;
  .btn {
    background-color: $secondary_text_color;

You’ll probably want to remove the orange bars or add some padding.


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