Help with BBCode Plugin

Hi there,

I’m about to develop a plugin for some RPG related BBCodes.

Raw Code:

    ... Rule Text ...
    [value=Cost]200 XP[/value]
    [value=Some other Value]Text of the value.[/value]

Cooked code:

<dl class="bbcode-rule category">
    <dt class="bbcode-rule">Category</dt>
    <dd class="bbcode-rule">... Rule Text ...</dd>
    <dt class="bbcode-value cost">Cost:</dt>
    <dd class="bbcode-value cost">200 XP</dd>
    <dt class="bbcode-value some-other-value">Some other Value:</dt>
    <dd class="bbcode-value some-other-value">Text of the value.</dd>

My Problem is: I’m not able to create a block bbcode with processed contents. I feel that I’m kinda close, but lost.

This is my plugin code so far:

  const { register } = builders(helper);

  register("value", {noWrap: true}, (contents, param) => {
    let className = 'bbcode-value';
    if (param) {
      className += ' ';
      className += generateCssClass(param);
    return [ 'dt', {'class': className, 'data-bbcode': true}, param,
             ['dd', {'class': className, 'data-bbcode': true}].concat(contents)
  register("rule", (contents, param) => ['div', {
    'class': 'bbcode-rule' + (param ? ' ' + generateCssClass(param) : ''),
    'data-bbcode': true},
    ['dt', {'class': 'bbcode-rule'}, param],
    ['dd', {'class': 'bbcode-rule'}, ???]].concat(contents));

And this is how it currently looks:

But with a line break after the opening rule-tag:

But still the second (and all following) [value] are not translated.

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Can’t anybody help me with the BBCode API or at least point me to some kind of documentation/tutorial other than the source comments?
I’d highly appreciate every bit of help :slight_smile: