Help with design of a Discourse landing page

Hello everyone

MOD Devices - an open-source-based audio processing platform for musicians - uses a Discourse system for the users’ forum.

I am looking for a Discourse Developer/Designer to improve the forum landing page.

Our audience is comprised of musicians and developers, with a lot of overlap.

Furthermore, the interest of users varies a lot, from people wanting to learn a particular song to people doing sound design or developers writing plugins.

As the forum is today, topics are too much mixed and it is not clear for the visitors to understand or find what they want.

I would like to create a landing page that is more welcoming to newbies and is divided into different “macro areas of interest”, showing the latest topics in each area.

As with any improvement, one can “rethink the whole thing” and make a huge project out of this. I am hoping that there is a way to configure Discourse or do a minimum amount of coding, in order to achieve what I currently need. The requirement is much more organizational than anything.

I would like to have this done soon.

The budget is not yet defined, as I need to understand if this is something that can be accomplished as a one-off job or if needs to be seen as an actual project that I need to budget and approve.

Looking forward to replies :slight_smile:


Hi @Gianfranco_Ceccolini
I have handled such requirements earlier, I will be very very happy to help you. Sending you a PM.


I’ve got an idea for a solution that might work. I sent a PM.

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