Help with installing discourse multi-site on GCP (Google cloud platform)


So I realize there is a hosted version of discourse, so if this post is inappropriate, or not allowed, I understand.

What I am hoping to find is a resource, or person, that is familiar with setting up discourse multi-side specifically on GCP.

Could someone help me with that, or point me in the right direction?

Thank you


First off: your post is 100% appropriate and allowed :slight_smile:

One follow up question: are you looking to hire someone to help you? Or are you looking for a guide, similar to Install Discourse on Amazon Web Services (AWS) ?

If the first, we have some excellent partners, and you might consider posting in marketplace

If the latter, might be harder, GCP isn’t used as much as AWS, but you may be in luck with someone that has experience :slight_smile:


Okay great, thanks Bas. You never know when you might get the side-eye when posting in communities…good to see that’s not the case here!

Yes, ideally I’d like someone to do the install in GCP, very vanilla just get it up and running.

I’ll take a look at the partner list. To be honest I was hoping for something sort of simple, just work with someone, give them access, walk along certain parts of the setup, and be live. At any rate, maybe someone will see this post and raise their hand.

Thanks again

***Update, okay saw the post about the marketplace, will do that now.