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I want to migrate all my wordpress post going to discourse as my primary platform, as of now my site is consists of wordpress as my primary domain then a forum which uses discourse on a subdomain.

What I want to do now is move all my wordpress post to discourse so I can make my discourse forum as my primary site now and put it on my primary root domain.

so far what I am seeing a solution for this is using the plugin of wordpres to post all my recent articles going to discourse.

but I don’t want to manually do it. Is there a better or faster way so that I can officially remove my wordpress site and make my discourse discussion site as my primary platform.

I just want to move all my recent post from my wordpres going to discourse

hoping for some feedbacks regarding this matter thank you :smile:


This WP DISCOURSE plugin only have the feature

Optinally publish all new posts to Discourse automatically

Can it also publish recent/older posts?

(mountain) #3

To make Discourse your official blog platform, I suggest checking out Sam’s Blog Plugin.


not the functionality I need, all I need is to import all my blog post to discourse it may be a sql or plugin, sams blog plugin just converts the discourse to blog like look but not easy to customize :frowning:


I think this might help for me GitHub - gnunicorn/discourse-curated-home: PROJECT MOVED temporary

(Etienne) #6

this is exactly what i want to do, did you manage to migrate your posts to discourse?

The plugins from your link seems to be broken.


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #7

If the goal is to remove WordPress from the equation entirely, then you could look for a freelancer in our #marketplace to create a migration script for this, either by: