What's the fastest way to import a WordPress blog to Discourse?


I’m migrating my WP blog to Discourse.

What’s the fastest way to import my content?

I’ve about 100 posts with images and interlinks.

Please let me know.

So you shall move to Discourse and drop WordPress? Then the fastest and the most reliable way is plain old copy&paste — and not only because your in-site linking structure will break totally.

But if you are trying to do something else, then you should take a look this:

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Someone else asked recently about this. It should be possible to write a script to do this, (I don’t think there was one the last time I looked). You can see https://www.literatecomputing.com/discourse-migration/ if you have a budget. With only 100 posts it might not be worth writing a script ( it’s what I would do, but I love spending 5x the effort just in case I need to do the thing 100 times).

Are you looking to migrate your comments, or your content?

Discourse is great for the former, the latter doesn’t make as much sense.

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I am looking for this and I have some feedback from clients and was wondering how to do these with clients’ own words not mine for copying and pasting them which will make things cheesy to do them with my username not theirs!