Heroically unreasonable support today...THANK YOU

I received some truly spectacular support today from @mpalmer.

I discovered that the Discourse instance I thought I had migrated to self-hosted a month ago went down, because it had never actually been migrated and continued being hosted on Discourse servers, until it was decommissioned.

I had no backups of any kind, and this data represented a huge amount of work by me and more than 100 students in an online course I teach on, of all things, personal knowledge management.

On EASTER SUNDAY, Matt recovered a month-old backup, and then when I even more unreasonably asked again, he somehow manually reconstructed a backup from TODAY and sent it to me for download. What?!

I was a fan of Discourse before, but now I’m an evangelist! This kind of support can only come from people who care deeply about online communities, what they stand for, and why they matter.

Thank you to the whole @team for creating an environment where such support is possible.

And let me know if you ever need a testimonial for teachers!


@mpalmer is indeed most excellent, and he also happens to live 1 day in the future in Australia … which is super helpful in these scenarios :slight_smile:


Your support is coming from… the FUUUUUTUUUUUUUUURE… :delorean: