Hetzner Server Consulting

I would like to install my first own Discourse forum on my own cloud server.

So far I have only ever worked with managed servers.

I would like to stay with Hetzner. Can anyone tell me which server is suitable for a Discourse forum?

Better Shared vCPU (x86) or Shared vCPU (Arm64) or directly a Dedicated vCPU?

This one, but you might need 8GB now for online upgrades :sweat_smile:

(I just had a failed online upgrade today with a 4GB server (+ 2GB swap).)

Maybe I just need more swap …

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Thank you. So you think, the minimum i need is CX31, is that right?

Or the 4GB server with 4GB swap …

Sorry, what does “4GB swap” mean?


Really? :exploding_head:

Is there some context on why it would fail on this specific installation?

No I think it’s just bad luck.

It’s almost certainly occurring at assets compilation.

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