Hi, is there a plugin for user image galleries?

Some of my users are artists but find Instagram massively distracting. Is there a feature that would allow them to create a little portfolio in their profile?

Checkout Topic List Previews Theme Component

There is a “Portfolio” feature: a button on the User Card can lead you to a tiled gallery of all of the user’s pictures.

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This isn’t really what I meant. It’s close though. Basically this, except it’s images unrelated to a user’s posts

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The advantage of using Topics and posts from a functional perspective is it allows the community to comment on a picture individually.

From a both a functional & technical perspective it leverages the existing infrastructure to upload a picture, maintain it and display the content in a layout.

You could also use this: Tiles Image Gallery

And get users to create one Featured Topic with all of their images which will be linked on their User Card.