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:discourse2: Summary User Portfolio adds a new “Portfolio” tab to the user profile. It can be configured to show the user’s topics from a specific category and/or tag. It also works great alongside the Topic List Thumbnails
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A portfolio button can optionally be added to user cards:

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 10.02.07


This is terrific! :partying_face:


Fantastic component! I’ve long looked for something to make profiles more expressive.

However, thinking about implementing it, one thing is holding me back: I think it would be necessary for users to have more control over what appears on their portfolio. With edits and deletions of posts limited, that’s difficult.

Any idea how to solve this? (Making all posts in the portfolio category wikis could be a solution, though not ideal.)


One option to give users more control is a ‘portfolio’ tag which they can apply to their posts. But you’re right, they can’t remove it later without edit privileges. Wikis are a good workaround.

Any changes to editing permissions wouldn’t be possible in a theme component, so we’d have to explore a core change or a plugin to make it possible.


Actually this feature has been in the Topic List Previews plugin since Oct 2019 and was carried over into the TLP Theme Component:


Hi David, I think I found a tiny bug within the user card. When the x posts in topic button is visible the avatar flair gets pushed down. I tried without the porftolio TC and it does not get pushed down without it.

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Hi David,

Is that possible somehow to add more category to filter the portfolio? I try to add more tags but it not work for me. If I set up category: 0 and add more tags the portfolio gone empty.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great component.

I don’t understand which you mean by Category ID. Is the internal ID number of the category from which to take the posts of the user into account?

It should be much useful to be able to select several categories by its name, like in topic thumbnails TC.

It would be great to let each user to select from which categories he wants to show messages in his portfolio, overriding general default (if the admin allows it).

Another great improvement would be to add an option to let the admins select in the Component config which user groups can have a portfolio (based in level, or whatever admins stimate).

Another great addition It will be a great way to create a personal gallery not just from posts in has published in a category.
To get that, some kind of per user private category should be implemented, where users can create their posts and show them in the profile.

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Hey @david I believe this component is broken. I’ve tried it on two different sites, one with no plugins or other components and the /portfolio page is blank. I don’t see anything in the console or logs.


Same problem here.

It was working properly and showing images uploaded by user to the selected category.

But from some days ago it shows a completely empty page.

I am not sure, but I think the problem is from a recent upgrade.

We upgraded from 2.9.0 beta5 to 2.9.0 beta6 several days ago.

I have upgraded discourse to the most recent version today, uninstalled and reinstalled user portfolio component, but the problem remain.


I believe this update should fix it, let us know if you continue to have problems after updating


That fixed it, thanks Kris!


Hey! Loving the plugin, it’s been integral to our website for years.

One issue however, normally we’re able to filter through posts on the website by sorting them via creation date instead of reply date, utilizing the parameters for it: ?order=created

The portfolio seems unable to replicate this behavior, though I’m sure under the hood uses a simple query that should have access to this feature. Is this something you would be able to add?