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This is now a Theme Component, the plugin was deprecated

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Topic List Previews allows you to:

  • Add images, excerpts, buttons and topic stats to topic list items; and

  • Change the layout and style of topic list items

  • Add ‘Featured’ topics above topic lists and topics.

  • Add User Wall to User’s activity page (aka ‘Portfolio’ Feature).

These settings can be applied to all or selected topic lists on a site-wide or category-specific basis.

This flexible feature-set allows you create a variety of different topic list styles, including

Basic Style

Relevant settings
  • topic list thumbnail
  • topic list excerpt
  • topic list action

Pinterest (Masonry) Style aka 'tiles’

Relevant settings
  • topic list tiles
  • topic list thumbnail
  • topic list excerpt
  • topic list action
  • topic list thumbnail width
  • topic list thumbnail height

Featured Images

Relevant settings
  • topic list featured images tag
  • topic list featured images count
  • topic list featured width
  • topic list featured height
  • topic list featured title
  • topic list featured excerpt
  • topic list featured order

The main and Discovery settings are in Settings → Plugins. The Category equivalent are in each Category’s Settings.

Examples in the Wild :seedling:

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Much more info available at: Topic Previews - Pavilion

Contributors :raised_hands:

Many folks have contributed to the development of this component through both feedback, development work and funding. In particular:

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This Theme Component is one of the Pavilion family of open source plugins.

Pavilion will focuses on ensuring compatibility of a core set of its plugins with Discourse Core tests-passed branch during the first 5 days of every month only.

Any bugs which arise because of an incompatibility will be addressed asap during this ‘supported period’, preferably by the 7th day. Low severity or Beta feature bugs may not be addressed by this date, but obvious things which are ‘breaking’ a forum should be resolved.

If you’ve not used the Theme Component before, it is safer to adopt it within the support window, so add it and rebuild your site within the first five days of any month, otherwise it’s possible you may be introducing an incompatibility and we might not be around to help.

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Is there a way to make the featured image order based on the time the tag is added. Currently it brings the featured image of the topic which has recent activity thus pushing the latest tagged images down.

For example If I have 10 images I mark 5 of them as featured now those 5 are shown in the top bar. If I add 5 more tags these will replace the existing 5. But If any of the previous 5 topics have any comments or posts that image is brought to the front now.

Tag? No, but there is this option to order by Created date:

Warning: I’m going to be pushing a Tiles (item) layout change very soon. If you have some CSS tweaks these might need to be … erm … tweaked:


I promise I won’t do this very often, but this one is to tidy things up and facilitate some new functionality that might be appearing in the future …

Currently the change is on the beta branch.

Yes that option helps a bit, but if any of the older post has any update then it comes in front.

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I’m only using the native options available within Discourse API (it’s a Theme Component at heart so you can’t change the API). When I get chance I’ll have a look at the ordering again. However, this came up a little while back and I made a change to help one of the users. Topic List Previews (legacy) - #1154 by merefield. I’m surprised this isn’t working as specced. You’d expect a Topic’s created_at to remain static despite new posts? Are you sure you’ve changed the setting and refreshed the browser?

@raghukamath I’ve just tested this and it seems to be working as intended? It still will not change order in response to new Posts and respects created_at date. Please refresh your browser and try it again.

Okay no problem. I’ll test more. May be I got confused due to the behaviour when option is enabled. Sorry to trouble you so much.

One other issue my members highlighted is about the unread and read topic color css fix not being applied to mobile browsers.

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Yes, that was still outstanding as previously stated. I’ll try to ship that with the layout update described above, probably within a few days.