Hidden closed-archive lines doesn't allow marking topics as visited

Here is what I did:

On 1.6:

  1. Closed a topic
  2. Re-opened the topic
  3. Hidden both lines so it’s not visible / annoying.

Later, I upgraded to 1.7, now on latest beta.

The bug is the following: Those topic which have this hidden ending, cannot be made “visited” (CSS class). They always show up with dark black as admin. As a normal user it’s OK.


I just noticed this yesterday with unlisted, then re-listed post, too.

Correct, this has always been the case, if the last post in the topic is deleted – whatever it is – then the visited CSS state can’t be applied.

Add a reply to the topic.

So if I don’t want to annoy the users following the topic with an email, my only choice is to close - reopen the topic I guess?

I believe @sam fixed this recently-ish.

Agree I think I fixed this, going to close, flag to reopen if still an issue