Split topic posts appearing as not having been visited

A very minor issue we have noticed on our self-hosted Discourse (v1.8.0.beta5 +33) - the issue described in the following topic is still occurring for us (posts that have been split are appearing as not having being visited):

It doesn’t always behave this way. A topic that I split would not appear “grayed” out to me (an Admin), but it did to another Admin. Moderators have reported the same thing.


We see the same issue on our forum (running latest).

It only seems to happen if the last post on a topic is deleted/split/moved. A workaround is to just make another post on the topic, but that’s left us with a lot of posts that look something like

which is clearly not ideal.


Have the same problem. It has minor impact but it is perpetually annoying on every Latest view.

The problem arose when I split a topic as also reported in:

However, I didn’t have this problem when I split a topic week earlier.

This was apparently fixed so it might be a regression:

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The only difference that I can think of between the two split topics - apart from the different dates - is that the working split topic had only one post selected whereas the topic with this bug had two posts selected to create the new topic.