Hidden Group Membership

Ok then I think we should proceed with it.


Does this work include removing the href attribute from the title if the group isn’t visible to the user?

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That is great news. I will also look into the CSS solution in the interim.

Something else I’m wondering, if the group name is visible and the hyperlink is disabled, it seems like a user should be able to guess the group URL rather easily. Or even if the group name is hidden, people familiar with discourse group URLs could look around and find things.

Would it be possible to disable access to the group list view for those that do not have permission to view the group? Or would we just have to pick group names that we know…but would be difficult to guess?

Thanks for your help on this!

Maybe I’m missing something…but isn’t that what Sam is going to be working on?

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Not totally sure what that change would cover, so I wanted to cover all bases.

The setting to hide from all except staff should not only hide the group name/link from the user’s own profile, but also make sure that even a member of a group couldn’t just access the group by typing in the URL (if it was guessable or someone else shared it by mistake). But staff could still visit the user’s profile page and instantly see all groups the user is in.

That might already be what he was planning. Not sure.

Yes that would be it, an end user would belong to a group but have no way of gleaning that information ever.


And since this is set on the group level we can choose to make some visible to members, and others totally hidden. This is probably a perfect solution for our needs.

Thanks! :content:

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Is there any kind of ETA on when this might be available? Trying to determine if it’s worth a request to one of my devs to figure out the CSS tweaks.

I think we will have the change committed 3 weeks from today, it turned out to be a little more fragile than what I thought initially


Thanks for the update. That’s unfortunate but totally manageable on my end.

Any status updates on how this is coming?

I am slotting a couple of days for this next week starting Monday


This is now complete per:

Since you are on the business tier it will take a few more days till this is deployed, probably looking at going live on your site by the end of the week.

Enjoy, and may the 4th … of July … be with you.


Sam, if a group is not visible to a user, will the title become non-clickable?

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Tricky, it depends.

If you set it as a title, but not primary group everything will work fine and the title will not be linkable.

If you set it to make a “hidden” group “primary” then it creates a 403 link there. I can fix it but it is fairly complicated to do efficiently.

For the time being there is a clear workaround (only set primary group to public groups)


FWIW, the other day I banged into the issue that Joshua asked about:

It wasn’t a big issue for me, since I was able to easily use Joshua’s JS to remove the link. But it would be nice if (eventually) the system was cleverer about handling this edge case – i.e., not using a link if the linked page isn’t available to the user.


The problem in my case is I need the primary group to get the CSS selector. As Alex said, the JS code I got works, but built in is always prefered.

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FYI, this is now deployed on the business tier, let me know how you go.


Working like a charm! thanks