Hidden posts show up in search results

We’ve noticed that hidden posts show up in search results with a snippet of the hidden text in the results.

To replicate, search on a username in a topic in which their post was hidden. Defeats having a post hidden when you can just search the username in the topic to read it. Unless there is some Admin switch that disables search results displaying hidden posts?

Noticed this when this feature was introduced of not being able to view hidden posts and has continued through version: 3.2.0.beta1-dev


There is a similar issue that the post is visbile in the users activity tab


Hello @Moin,

I’ve looked into this further. The posts showing in the user activity is only viewable to moderators (or those who have Trust Level to view). To me, this how it should be. It is not viewable to others from the users activity page.

However, anyone can use the search and target the user in a topic where a post has been hidden which will display in search results a snippet of the hidden post. A user doesn’t have to be logged in to do this.

We’ve noticed this on our forums as well. A post is hidden due to being flagged, but people can embed the post elsewhere and read the flagged/hidden content. Shouldn’t the content be unavailable while it’s being reviewed?

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We fixed this issue so that hidden posts will not appear in search results — thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Just to tie this off :slight_smile:


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