Hidden Site Settings Reference Guide

:bookmark: This is a Self-Hosting reference guide for describing all available Hidden Site Settings. For additional information about modifying hidden site settings, see: Enable Hidden Site Settings.

:discourse: This guide is current as of Discourse Version 3.2

Below is a reference table of all hidden site settings available in Discourse


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
set_locale_from_cookie boolean Allows setting the locale based on cookies if user locale is enabled. FALSE
max_category_nesting integer Sets the maximum number of category nesting levels allowed. 2
enable_mobile_theme boolean Enables a mobile-specific theme. Disable to use a responsive stylesheet across all devices. TRUE
enable_direct_s3_uploads boolean Allows for direct uploads to S3 without passing through the local server, reducing server load and potentially improving upload performance. FALSE
enable_upload_debug_mode boolean Enables verbose logging for uploads, useful for debugging upload issues. FALSE
default_theme_id integer The default theme ID used for new users and anonymous users. -1
enable_badge_sql boolean Allows the use of SQL to define badge queries directly within the admin interface. FALSE
vapid_public_key_bytes string Stores the public key used in VAPID authentication, necessary for sending Web Push Notifications. “”
vapid_public_key string Public key used for VAPID authentication for Web Push Notifications. “”
vapid_private_key string Private key used for VAPID authentication for Web Push Notifications. “”
vapid_base_url string The base URL configured for VAPID to assert the server identity in Web Push Notifications. “”
enable_passkeys boolean Enables the use of WebAuthn-based passkeys for secure user authentication without passwords. TRUE
verbose_upload_logging boolean Enables detailed logs for upload process activities, which is helpful for identifying and diagnosing issues with file uploads. FALSE
verbose_auth_token_logging boolean Enables detailed logging for authentication token processes. FALSE
max_suspicious_distance_km integer Defines the maximum distance in kilometers between successive IP addresses for login to be considered suspicious. 500
discourse_connect_csrf_protection boolean Enables CSRF protection for DiscourseConnect authentication. TRUE
invites_per_page integer Number of invites displayed per page on the invite page. 50
max_notifications_per_user integer Maximum number of notifications a user can have before older ones are automatically deleted. 10000
max_bookmarks_per_user integer Maximum number of bookmarks a user can create. 500


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
show_copy_button_on_codeblocks boolean Add a button to codeblocks to copy the block contents to the user’s clipboard TRUE
disable_watched_word_checking_in_user_fields boolean Disables watched word checking in user fields FALSE
max_draft_length integer Sets the maximum length allowed for drafts 400000
max_drafts_per_user integer Maximum number of drafts a user can have 10000


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
bounce_score_erode_on_send float Reduces the bounce score each time an email is sent, allowing for quicker recovery from bounces. 0.1
email_custom_template string Custom HTML template for emails. Used if default needs to be overridden. “” (empty)
email_custom_css string Custom CSS for styling emails. Used if default needs to be overridden. “” (empty)
email_custom_css_compiled string Compiled version of the custom CSS for emails. “” (empty)
enable_secondary_emails boolean Allows users to add secondary email addresses to their profile. TRUE
max_participant_names integer Maximum number of participant names displayed in email notifications for group messages. 10


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
max_export_file_size_kb integer Specifies the maximum file size for exports in kilobytes. 50000
export_authorized_extensions string Specifies the file extensions that are allowed for exports. “zip”
secure_uploads_pm_only boolean If true, secure uploads are enabled only for private messages. FALSE
enable_s3_transfer_acceleration boolean If true, enables Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration. FALSE
s3_http_continue_timeout integer Time in seconds to wait for a 100 Continue response from S3 before sending the request payload. 1
s3_install_cors_rule boolean If true, installs CORS rules on S3 to allow requests from any domain. TRUE
s3_configure_inventory_policy boolean If true, configures the S3 inventory policy for managing and reporting bucket contents. TRUE
s3_presigned_get_url_expires_after_seconds integer Duration in seconds after which a presigned URL for S3 objects will expire. 300
decompressed_theme_max_file_size_mb integer Maximum file size in megabytes for a theme file after it is decompressed. 1000
decompressed_backup_max_file_size_mb integer Maximum file size in megabytes for backup files after decompression. 100000
composer_media_optimization_image_resize_pre_multiply boolean Optimize image handling by pre-multiplying alpha in canvas manipulations to improve image resize quality. FALSE
composer_media_optimization_image_encode_quality integer JPG encode quality used in the re-encode process for image optimization. 75
composer_media_optimization_image_resize_linear_rgb boolean When resizing, use linear RGB to improve the quality of the resized image. FALSE
composer_ios_media_optimisation_image_enabled boolean Enable specific image optimization strategies on iOS devices to improve performance. FALSE
video_thumbnails_enabled boolean Enables generation of thumbnails for video files uploaded to the forum. TRUE


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
allow_indexing_non_canonical_urls boolean Allows indexing of non-canonical URLs. TRUE
non_crawler_user_agents list List of user agents considered as non-crawlers. “trident
crawler_user_agents list List of user agents considered as crawlers. “googlebot
browser_update_user_agents list User agents for outdated browsers to show update messages. “MSIE 6
crawler_check_bypass_agents string User agents that can bypass crawler checks. “cubot”
keep_old_ip_address_count integer Number of old IP addresses to keep for each user. 0
content_security_policy_collect_reports boolean Enables collection of CSP violation reports. FALSE
allow_embedding_site_in_an_iframe boolean Allows the site to be embedded within an iframe on other sites. FALSE
send_old_credential_reminder_days integer Number of days to remind about old credentials. If set to 0, reminders are disabled. 0
disable_onebox_media_download_controls boolean Disable media download controls in onebox audio/video embeds. FALSE
can_permanently_delete boolean Allows permanent deletion of posts, topics, and post history (ie. complete removal from the database, rather than the typical soft-delete mechanism). FALSE
suppress_secured_categories_from_admin boolean Allows suppressing secured categories even from admins when displaying posts or categories lists. FALSE
cross_origin_opener_policy_header string Sets the Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy header. Available choices: unsafe-none, same-origin, same-origin-allow-popups. “same-origin-allow-popups”


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
force_get_hosts list Domains where GET request is forced due to issues with HEAD requests us.battle.net news.yahoo.com *.medium.com
cache_onebox_response_body boolean Indicates whether to cache the response body of a oneboxed URL FALSE
cache_onebox_response_body_domains list List of domains for which the caching of the onebox response body is enabled “”
cache_onebox_user_agent string Custom user-agent used when caching onebox responses, if specified “”

Rate Limits

Site Setting Type Description Default Value
rate_limit_search_anon_global_per_minute integer Global rate limit for anonymous search requests per minute 150
rate_limit_search_anon_user_per_minute integer Per-user rate limit for anonymous search requests per minute 15
rate_limit_search_anon_global_per_second integer Global rate limit for anonymous search requests per second 8
rate_limit_search_anon_user_per_second integer Per-user rate limit for anonymous search requests per second 2
rate_limit_search_user integer Per-user rate limit for search requests by logged-in users per minute 30
max_allowed_secondary_emails integer Maximum number of secondary emails a user is allowed to have 10
max_batch_presign_multipart_per_minute integer Maximum number of batch presign multipart operations a user can initiate per minute 20
max_presigned_put_per_minute integer Maximum number of presigned PUT operations a user can initiate per minute 10
max_create_multipart_per_minute integer Maximum number of multipart creations a user can initiate per minute 10
max_complete_multipart_per_minute integer Maximum number of multipart completions a user can initiate per minute 10
max_uploads_per_minute integer Maximum number of upload operations a user can initiate per minute 10


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
force_hostname string Forces a specific hostname for the site. “”
port integer Configures the port number the server listens on. 80/443
enable_chunked_encoding boolean Enable chunked encoding responses by the server, potentially helping with proxies that buffer responses. TRUE
long_polling_base_url string Base URL to use for long polling, useful for separating CDN traffic from direct site interaction. “/”
background_polling_interval integer Frequency in milliseconds for background polling by clients. 60000
polling_interval integer Frequency in milliseconds for active polling by logged-in clients. 60000
anon_polling_interval integer Frequency in milliseconds for anonymous clients to poll the server. 25000
rebake_old_posts_count integer Number of posts that get rebaked by automated tasks running in the background. 80
migrate_to_new_scheme boolean Toggles whether to migrate old uploads to a new storage scheme, mainly used during updates. FALSE
max_new_topics integer Maximum number of new topics a user can create, used to prevent spam or system overload. 500
wizard_enabled boolean Enables or disables the setup wizard shown after installation. TRUE
bypass_wizard_check boolean Allows bypassing the setup wizard completion check, useful for developers or automated setups. FALSE
logging_provider enum Determines the logging framework for the application. Can be ‘default’ or an alternative supported framework. “default”
bootstrap_error_pages boolean Enable or disable bootstrapped, styled error pages. Useful for maintaining style consistency on error pages. FALSE
experimental_hashtag_search_result_limit integer Limits the number of hashtag search results, used for optimizing or controlling the load of hashtag search queries. 20
include_associated_account_ids boolean Include IDs of associated accounts in certain outputs—useful for more connected account data handling. FALSE
max_sidebar_section_links integer Maximum number of links per sidebar section, controlling UI clutter and performance. 50
instrument_gc_stat_per_request boolean Whether to collect and log garbage collection stats per each HTTP request—useful for performance tuning. FALSE
warn_critical_js_deprecations boolean Enable warnings for critical JavaScript deprecations to admins—helps in preparing for upgrades or fixes. TRUE
warn_critical_js_deprecations_message string Custom message appended to critical JS deprecation warnings, making the notifications more informative. “”


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
embed_by_username string Username to use for embedded content. “”
embed_post_limit integer Maximum number of posts to embed from an external source. 100
embed_topic_limit_per_page integer Maximum number of topics displayed per page for embedded topics. 200
embed_title_scrubber string Regular expression used to clean up or modify titles in embedded content. “”
blocked_embed_selectors string CSS selectors that specify elements to exclude from embedded content. “”
allowed_embed_classnames string Class names allowed in embedded content, helps in filtering the content style. “emoji”


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
include_s3_uploads_in_backups boolean Determines whether uploads stored in S3 should be included in site backups. FALSE


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
user_search_similar_results boolean Enables the display of similar results when searching for users. TRUE
prioritize_exact_search_title_match boolean Gives priority to search results that exactly match the search terms in titles. FALSE
max_duplicate_search_index_terms integer Sets the maximum number of duplicate terms indexed for search. 3
use_pg_headlines_for_excerpt boolean Enable Postgres headline support for generating search excerpts. FALSE
search_max_indexed_word_length integer Maximum length of words indexed for search. 50
search_ranking_normalization boolean Enables normalization of search rankings to improve result relevance. TRUE
search_ranking_weights string Sets the weighting factors used in search ranking calculations. “topic_id: 1, post_id: 0.2”
search_recent_regular_posts_offset_post_id integer Post ID offset for retrieving recent posts in search results. 0
search_enable_recent_regular_posts_offset_size integer Determines the number of recent regular posts to consider in search. 0
category_search_priority_low_weight integer Sets the lower weighting for prioritizing categories in search results. 1
category_search_priority_high_weight integer Sets the higher weighting for prioritizing categories in search results. 2
search_page_size integer Number of results per page in search queries. 50


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
has_login_hint boolean Determines if login hints should appear FALSE
min_new_topics_time integer Minimum time between new topics 0
general_category_id integer ID for the general category -1
meta_category_id integer ID for the meta category -1
staff_category_id integer ID for the staff category -1
uncategorized_category_id integer ID for the uncategorized category -1
backup_drafts_to_pm_length integer Length of drafts in PMs before backup is needed 0
view_user_route string Default user profile page section “summary”
tos_topic_id integer ID for the Terms of Service topic -1
guidelines_topic_id integer ID for the guidelines topic -1
privacy_topic_id integer ID for the privacy policy topic -1
welcome_topic_id integer ID for the welcome topic -1
admin_quick_start_topic_id integer ID for the admin quick start guide topic -1
bootstrap_mode_enabled boolean Determines if bootstrap mode is enabled. When enabled, this mode is designed to help the forum scale up efficiently during the initial stages after setup. Once the number of users specified in the bootstrap_mode_min_users setting has been registered on the forum, the bootstrap mode is automatically turned off. FALSE
ios_app_id string App Store ID for the iOS app “1173672076”
android_app_id string Play Store ID for the Android app “com.discourse”
pwa_display_browser_regex string Regex to determine if PWA display is set to ‘browser’ “.*”
always_include_topic_excerpts boolean Include topic excerpts every time FALSE
max_bulk_invites integer Maximum number of bulk invites possible 50
skip_email_bulk_invites boolean Skip sending emails in bulk invites FALSE
max_api_invites integer Maximum number of invites per API request 10
overridden_robots_txt string Custom rules for robots.txt “”
show_category_definitions_in_topic_lists boolean Show category definition posts in topic lists FALSE
use_polymorphic_bookmarks boolean Enable polymorphic bookmarks support FALSE


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
api_key_last_used_epoch integer Tracks the last used epoch time for API keys. Not directly accessible or editable. # Value is added in a migration
revoke_api_keys_maxlife_days integer Number of days before an API key is automatically revoked, set to 0 for never. 0


Site Setting Type Description Default Value
dashboard_hidden_reports list Specifies which dashboard reports to hide. “”
verbose_user_stat_count_logging boolean Enables verbose logging for user statistics count updates. FALSE
hot_topics_gravity float Controls the gravity setting used in the hot topics calculation. 1.2
hot_topics_recent_days integer Defines the number of recent days to consider for calculating hot topic scores. 7

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