Hidden Split Topics

Please create a new feature that will hide the public link at the bottom of a split thread if the topic has been split to a forum only visible by staff and moderators.

In my community we split off comments which derail the topic discussion into a staff only forum for tracking as opposed to deleting posts. However in Discourse it not only shows to the public what the name of the new split thread is in the staff only forum, it provides a link to the thread. To me this info at the bottom of a linked thread is making conducive topic moderation highly visible and it need not be. If this info was only visible to staff, I would be okay with it, however it is public.

You can always delete that link at the bottom of the original topic after splitting the post. No need to keep it there.


If I delete the link to the hidden forum will the link still show as a hidden post when it is deleted or will it be invisible to the public?

Non-staff do not see the “View 1 hidden posts” except when using thread filtering settings (in which case it’s only counting non-deleted posts). It’s suggested you have a non-staff alternate account to test this kind of thing yourself.


Okay. I was able to verfy this was the case. Thank you.

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