Hide ALL replies to Topics in a Category by default using Spoiler Text Plugin

Hey team,
I am planning to use Discourse for higher education. I would share questions, and students would answer as short answers. I would want to hide all answers as spoilers so everyone can attempt these without bias. I can hide my final answer using the Spoiler Alert plugin, but users are not that tech savvy, and they will NOT put in the effort to hide their answers as spoiler text.

Example: If I ask: What is the capital of Japan?
The first person will answer Tokyo, and the others will have zero motivation to attempt this question.

Is there any way that I can automate this? I searched the forums and could not find an answer to this.

If it matters, I am on the free Discourse Creator plan, so I may not have the ability to do a lot of edits.


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Maybe the Reply Template theme component helps you.

You could put a template like this under your question:

[wrap=template key="template-name"]

<!--Please write your answer here-->


This is a great suggestion! Ideally it would be great if I can automate it but this would work for sure.

Thanks, Moin.

Is there a way we can change the Label for the “Use template as a reply button”?

That’s how I started using Discourse. I used a system of badges and a script that would update a CSV file that I could then upload to the university LMS to update their grades. I am no longer a university profess, but a full-time Discourse consultant.

Yes! You can Customize any text in Discourse

See also Discourse Private Replies

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Thanks. Can you please elaborate on the first link you shared ? How can I use it for my purpose.