Hide badge user list?

Is there a way to remove the list of users granted a particular badge — while still having the badge enabled and listed on the main Badges page?

Can you give more information as to why this is wanted? What kind of badge do you want to remove the list from?

In my experience, there isn’t too much competition based off the badge list pages.

I want the badge still listed on the main page, I just don’t want non-admins to see the list of users that have that badge.

My context is that for buying a certain product on my site, they get a badge. And I don’t really want anyone to be able to see that entire list of users and who bought the product. However I still want the badge visible on the individual users’ profile.


At the moment there is no such feature. Not against it, but it is very subtle to explain:

We have:
“Show badge on the public badges page”

We would have to add
“Show all users with this badge on the public badge page”

There is a big question though, are you protecting against anything with such a feature?

People can still scrape your user list to figure out the full list of users with a particular badge.


Adding that additional option would be great, if possible and doesn’t bloat. I’m sure there are other ways for non-admins to get this list of users somehow. I’m just trying to protect against the casual observer being able to see the list.

Hmm then why not use CSS, hide the div and replace it with users not visible ?

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That’s a good idea. Is there a way to do that without hiding the user list on every badge page?

I recently looked into doing similar as a possible way of automatically “tagging” users.

In my case, I created a badge that would be granted for excessively Flagging posts that were subsequently disagreed with by moderators.

I could hide it OK from the Badge pages and User Card, but not the users Profile page nor the “hidden” badge page if the link was followed.

Until CSS has a “parent selector” the only things I could target using CSS alone were the icon, title and summary.

<div class="ember-view badge-card medium hyperlink" id="ember6479">
<div class="badge-contents">
  <div class="badge-icon badge-type-bronze">
    <i class="fa fa-bell-slash"></i>
  <div class="badge-info">
    <div class="badge-info-item">
      <div class="badge-summary">Members that Flag poorly</div>
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A PR to push a class to the top is totally welcome, it’s a very simple change


It took longer than I thought it would to find, but found I did.