Hide "Create Your Account" button?

Hi everyone,

I’m in a configuration where all my users are created via the external authentication (first time they use it). It’s working well.
But to avoid mistake, I want to disable the “Sign Up” button and the “Create your account” button.

I found on a different topic how-to disable the “Sign Up” button → Works well !


But I do not succeed to do the same for “Create you account” button. Do you have a solution ?

Thanks !

If you want your site to only have external authentication, disable the enable local logins site setting. With only a single authentication method, users will be taken directly to that external method.

No need for CSS to hide the buttons, either!

Should you need to get in with local logins disabled, remember the /u/admin-login route for admins to be sent an email login link.


If you want an answer to your question, rather than the best solution to your problem, I think that this will work:

button#new-account-link {
    display: none;

I recommend that you follow the above advice rather than mine. I’m still amused that I can do anything with CSS, so I figured out this way while Michael wrote his much better answer.


@supermathie > I’m 100% agree with your solution.
Unfortunately, for the rest of the year, I don’t have the choice, I must have an hybrid solution: Local logins (with 2FA) + External logins (No 2FA for the moment). And both of them, account creation must be allowed.
To “minimize” error, “hide” via the Creation Link is the best way for me, for the moment.

@pfaffman > Thank you! That’s answer my question perfectly.

Thanks to both of you for your answers :slight_smile:


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