Hide 'email account exists' for invites

Would it be possible to add the invite form to this list too?

Currently, if I put an existing account email in the ‘restrict to email’ box in the invite modal it informs me that there is already an account associated with it, and gives me a link to it.

Is there a setting to make this more anonymous, like the setting above?

Edit: I can customise the invite.user_exists text to take out the link, which was my immediate concern, but I can’t think of a good alternative that doesn’t say ‘Congratulations! You’ve found a member’s email address!’

Anyone have any suggestions?

Update: I copied the language from the topic_invite.user_exists and tweaked it a little:

“Sorry, that user has already been invited to the forum.”

I’m still open to better suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face: