Hide replies until user replies (uninfluenced feedback)?

I’m looking to use Discourse for product feedback. We want the customers to have to post their responses to the board before they can see the responses of other users, so that their initial responses would not be influenced by what has already been shared.

How would I do this in Discourse?

What you’re describing would require a custom plugin, it’s not something that can be done in Discourse by default. I don’t think there are any existing plugins out there that do anything like this. If you have a budget for it, you might want to outline more specifics in the #marketplace category and see if someone would be interested in building it.

I guess one workaround would be to make a topic that links to a survey from an external service like Google Forms or Survey Monkey? or you could create private groups and only grant access to users who fill out a survey or send a private message with feedback?


Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep an eye out for a plugin that does this.