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Apologies in advance, this feel like a user error, but I did try and search several times before posting.

Is there a way to hide the “topic timeline”. I think it is really nice, but I would like to try out a minimized version of of the interface.

I’m afraid there’s no way to hide it through the UI, though you could add a theme component to hide it with a little CSS.

However, it is a really useful navigation feature and moving around longer topics without it will be quite difficult.


Thank you, I’m starting to accept the idea that I need to work on my CSS familiarity with discourse (which is high time anyway).

On my forum, I have post voting installed. The plugin does a nice job of transforming the timeline, but in this context, I think it will be less needed than in a chronological topic.

It’s often remarkably easy to hide things.

Get used to the browser’s inspector.

In the browser on desktop, right-click somewhere on the element you want to hide, select “inspect”.

This will open the developer tools and the html view.

Find the outermost div you want to hide, remember its class.

Then simply put this into a Theme Component:

.my-class {
  display: none

In this case the class I believe is called topic-navigation

this might hide too much as you lose all these controls, but experiment.

you can preview the effect by modifying the CSS in the middle box area, get rid of changes you’ve made by refreshing the page.

Learning these basic skills avoids a lot of noise on Meta.


Thank you, that is very helpful.

This seems like a good project to get over my CSS FOFO.

I will try and do this tomorrow. I do intend to learn these basic skills (and more hopefully), this will help me do so! :slight_smile:


Yeah, messing with stuff here will not damage anything, so go for it.

Just be aware that sometimes you can create a Theme Component that breaks the interface so badly you can’t remove it :sweat_smile: , so be sure to read about safe mode:


It sure is, and I understand you want Discourse’s interface to go easy on new users in some extent if you think they need it.

However, since you’re new to Discourse, I’d suggest you make a list of every feature you want to hide for new users. Some features may be too useful to be hidden, like, as Jammy said, the timeline which is a very important part of Discourse and definitively a core feature regarding the navigation through topics.

When you have a list of things you’d like to hide, you can share it here to get opinions about how useful a feature is regarding the use of the forum. :slight_smile:


That definitely sounds like me, as it happens, I just read about it and thought how it would come in handy

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Thank you @Canapin I appreciate the kind offer. (I had written back 3 weeks ago, but it seems my buggy internet messed something up)

Indeed, making the UX have fewer elements for new users is exactly what I have in mind. I had posted separately on this, a great suggestion was to implement this with themes based on Trust levels.

At the moment my only other item is something I posted about yesterday:

Thank you @merefield this worked perfectly.

I ended up trying it out with the custom CSS setting in the default theme. (simpler then a component I thought)

This made me wonder why there is not general custom CSS option (applied across themes), I posted this here: Custom CSS/HTML in non-default theme (without component)

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