Hide users from search

Hi, I have searched the last days and found several posts about search and users but there was no answer to that so I would like to address it here.

I would like to disable the possibility to search for users in the advanced search box when clicking on the magnifier.

I have looked for every setting which might do that but nothing helped. For example I did the following:

  • enable user directory = unchecked
  • allow users to hide profile = checked
  • hide user profiles from public = checked
  • default hide profile and presence = checked
  • Probably enabled/disabled some more settings which might prevent this :wink:
  • I clicked on every group and set “only visible by mods and admins” and also set “can view members” only to mods and admins (also the trust0, trust1 groups etc.) because maybe this setting will prevent to show the users in the search box.

But nothing helped, hope you can help me with that, thanks in advance!!!

Explanation why this is important for us:
First of all, the focus shall be on the posts rather than searching for users. But the most important reason is that even anonymous users can search for all “Peters” or “Sandras” or anyone else and can find out who is a member of this community. I really don’t know where the use case is in that function.

So I would like two things to know where number 1 is the most important for me:

  1. How can I prevent anonymous users to search for community members?
  2. How can I turn off the user search totally in the advanced search box since the post are relevant.

Thanks again for your help!

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