Hiding adsense from a specific group

Is it possible to hide Adsense from a specific group?

I’m trying to create a special benefit for Patreon supporters so they won’t see ads running on the platform. Is that really possible?

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This isn’t directly possible but I think you can set ad plugin to show ads to tl2 or below and set patreon group to assign tl3 to the members. That way, if anyone achieved tl3 or joined patreon they’ll not see ads.

However, having ability to hide ads based on group is a nice change and I see a lot of good use cases for myself.


Great idea, I’ll use it until maybe we’ll have the ability to actually hide ads from specific groups :slight_smile:

has this published already? i’d love to see this in action.

There are several options available to hide ads for groups, categories, tags etc: