Hiding empty votes via plugin options

Continuing the discussion from Voting plugin — hiding "empty" votes in the topic list?:

Would it be possible to do this via a simple check box from the Voting plugin options UI page?

This is a great tweak which makes the forum more readable / less cluttered but not so easy to implement unless you’re a HTML designer.

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It doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML. If you’ve never customized the CSS on your site before it’s very simple to do. Check the ‘where do I add my CSS’ section of the below:

And paste in the snippet from the post you linked.

Thanks, yes I did that after learning how CSS works with Discourse and I was able to get it to work.

This is just a suggestion for ease of use. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being writing discourse code and 1 being someone who doesn’t code, using the plugin is like a 1 and understanding and creating CSS customizations is like a 4

Using a plugin option is also likely more portable and less likely for mistakes to happen over time, especially for folks who don’t write code.


To add, it will also avoid errors such as this where the CSS doesn’t always play nice with the UI

Nothing comes for free — and in this case, someone would have to write that plugin code and maintain it over time.