How to hide 0 votes?

Could you let me know how exactly to use this feature? I don’t see any configurable options for the plugin that allow me to hide the ‘0 votes’ from the topic list. I don’t see any options in the themes page either?

It’s just custom CSS. Create a new theme component (in the admin UI) and then add the css.

Hmm, I’m not very conversant in CSS/HTML. It would have been awesome to have this as a plugin option to enable/disable.

Do you think you could possibly share the exact steps and the content of the CSS to follow to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @RBoy :slight_smile:
I suggest you have a look at this official guide: Make CSS changes on Your Site

And especially this section:


I’ve added an updated CSS snippet that will hide the 0 vote tag and also hides the last comma for most users: Minor bug report in hiding "0 votes" from topic list - #5 by awesomerobot

As mentioned in the linked topics above, this would be added under admin/customize/themes/edit CSS/HTML in the Common section.


That’s amazing. :pray: ……

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I’d like to report a bug in this new code. It’s hiding tags from post which have 0 votes.

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Oh you’re right, thanks for letting me know, I just made an update. Hiding the 0 count should be separate like this:

.vote-count-0 {
  display: none; // hide 0 vote count

.discourse-tags:has(.vote-count-0) { 
  .discourse-tag:nth-last-child(2):after {
     display: none; // hide the comma on the second to last tag


That worked, thanks…

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Slightly unrelated question. Are customizations to themes/colors backed up/restored as part of the backup/restore feature?

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Yes, backups include all the changes you’ve made to a Discourse site.


You may want to update the code on the original post

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