Hiding site stats

Hi friends
Does someone know how to hide all the site stats for all the users? like here in discourse under the menu and about :slight_smile:

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You can hide it via CSS. Admin โ†’ Customize โ†’ Theme โ†’ Edit CSS

Add this:

section.about.stats { display: none; }


Thank you for the solution I will probably use it!
So there is no option under settings to turn it offโ€ฆ

1.Does someone knows why the default in discourse to show users the stats about the community? maybe if I leave it, it will urge users to log in and use the platform?
2. Does the display:noe solution still leave the info behind the scenes so one who knows code can see the stats?

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Yes, that info is left behind the scenes - and one can easily look behind the scenes by visiting /site/statistics.json.