Disable per user access/usage statistics

i have come across Discourse Meta statistics page (on some german discourse) and i think this is not compliant with German DSGVO ( General Data Prodection Regulation) . discussion is still going on…

what makes things worse - it’s even visible without authentification.

i would expect/recommend some global admin option so that

  • user profile information would be hidden with or without authentication
  • user usage statistic would be hidden with or without authentication
    (maybe statistics could be part of profile information)



You can disable the linked page (/u) using a site setting since 2015:

You can also disable profiles for anons using hide user profiles from public.


thank you.

is there a way to hide the user dir/statistics page for unauthenticaed clients only ?

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Is it somehow possible to hide the statistics on /u/theUser/summary completely? Of course it can be done by CSS but then, its still “on the page” and just invisible for users (… who don’t know how to use the developer tools to enable the hidden stats again :slight_smile: )

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I believe that you’d need a plugin to remove those data from the serializer. I’m not expert at such, but I think you’d need to override that code. It’s the kind of plugin that’s likely to break when the thing you’re overriding changes.

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Maybe you want the site setting

* hide user profiles from public


This sounds cool. Any hints or a newbie how to get started installing something like this?

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