Hiding specific categories or sub-categories from "suggested topics"

Hi everyone,

I’m running a Discourse forum for photographers and I have one category named “intro” with inside a sub-category named “introduce-yourself” where people can post a new topic and say hello. Those are not shown on the “latest” in order not to spam the front page of the forum.

But they still appear in “suggested topics” under other posts. How can I hide them and prevent them from appearing into “suggested topics” site-wide?

Example here:

(you might want to refresh the page a couple time, as suggested topics change at each refresh)

Thank you for your help!

Try something like:

#suggested-topics .topics .topic-list-item.category-introduction-introductions.ember-view {
    display: none;

Awesome, it worked! Of course it’s just hiding them visually so sometimes when it suggest me only this category then the suggested topic list will look empty but that’s fine. Thanks for helping!

You can set each category to show the suggested topics in all categories or only in that category in which the topic was written. If you get the “introduction” category so that the suggested topics are also from other categories, you will hardly remain without visible suggested topics.

Of course, the change is just a visual hack, if, for some reason, the suggested topics are only in the “introduction” category you will remain without any visible topic, as you said.