Highlight color


I’ve been playing with the color schemes. I’m trying to set the highlight color but when applied, the results are not the same colors, some kind of weird transformation is going on.
See the next image:

Is it the default behaviour?

(Joe) #2

Yes, this is the default behavior.

There is the highlight color, which is the value you set in the color scheme,

In your case it would look like:

$highlight: #1a1a1a; 

And the usage would be like:

background-color: $highlight;

And then there are three color transformations based on the $highlight and $secondary values and they are:

$highlight-low: dark-light-diff($highlight, $secondary, 70%, -80%);
$highlight-medium: dark-light-diff($highlight, $secondary, 50%, -55%);
$highlight-high: dark-light-diff($highlight, $secondary, -50%, -10%);  

And these are used like so:

.overridden {
      background-color: $highlight-medium;