Theme highlight color when selecting text to quote on Dark color palettes

We are using the Material Dark color palette on our website & have an issue with highlighting texts in posts & replies that I cannot seem to resolve. I’ve tried on a few dark color palettes to the same effect. Below is 2 sets of text. The one below is selected so that the user can “quote” that text. It’s almost impossible to see any difference between it & the non-selected text.

Any thoughts? I can’t seem to find anything here on the forums. I’ve played with the color palette to no avail.


Can you reproduce the same thing using the “dark” theme here on meta? It seems to work ok for me (Chrome on macOS):


Good Call. I’m not able to reproduce the issue on these forums.

So I have the Graceful theme installed on my forum. When I change to the default Dark theme, the issue disappears. Has to be something in the theme.

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That’s accurate, I’m overriding the browser’s highlight colors in the theme… which in retrospect is probably not a good idea. I just removed it… so if you update the theme it should be resolved.


Holy moly! That was a quick response!

The problem is resolved. Thank you so much. I was racking my brain over this.