[Hiring] Help sso login integrate with adobe air app

Hi developers.

I’m looking to hire an experienced discourse guru who can help me integrate Discourse into an Adobe Air app that I’m developing.

New users create an ID and a password in the app. I’d like moderators to approve new users.

I’m using their login ID to also collect data - I’d like the ability for them choose to be logged into Discourse or not.

budget is being worked out - I have a rough idea $20,000

Also might need help with custom layout and functions (plugins ? ) . I’m able to custom layout text fields in Adobe Air with css.

screenshots of what I’m hoping to achieve for layout. Not sure if all these features are available in Discourse ?

@bobsmo It sounds like a fun project to work with, though it may take time to develop but I surely can help you out with it. You can PM me if you’d like to discuss it with me in length.

This sounds like a good project and I’m interested (you can see some of the plugins I’ve developed in my profile), however I’m curious as to your technology choice? Adobe AIR does not seem to be used widely. There’s some anxiety in the AIR developer community about it’s future (that said, such anxiety about the lifespan of frameworks is common). Nevertheless, if you’re planning to use your app for at least a few years, I wonder whether it’s a good bet. Was there a reason you chose it over React Native?


I’m ok with the ongoing maintenance of the Air SDK. Seems they stay on top of it every month. Not familiar with react native - so never jumped into it. might have its own dark clouds anyways. Cross-platform development will always be the holy grail won’t it? I like the development community in Air … lots of ANEs . Keeps me busy with speech synthesis, video, animation - the fun parts of front-end dev.

I checked out some of your plugins - look great. I liked the idea of topic list thumbnails. I’m trying to figure out if I can build a horizontal (css formatted) text box for the “featured” posts . In combination with a vertical text box . Maybe that topic list plugin would work. Mostly I don’t wan’t you to get too worried about the Adobe Air coding. If you are able to create a css layout for a web page - then I can display it in the AIr app. The more complicated part will be the SSO - which I know little about.

See an example of the layout and motion here. click and drag around.


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