Homepage overhaul!

Hello Discoursers,

What are your thoughts on a plugin that could completely redesign the Discourse homepage, turning questions into cards, like so:

Also, what are the chances that liking a question could also have functionality on this page? It could be hard, but is it possible?

This overhaul would need some big template changes, pulling in different parts of the question, and some big CSS changes. If it’s possible, I’m going to try!


This reminded me this recent topic:


I’d love to see that. We pull Discourse stuff onto our main WP homepage in tiles like this, so to be able to customise the community homepage to match would be cool.


@HAWK We do the same. It naturally make sense as you want to further customize your homepage, that you just use the Discourse homepage which would be easier to work with. I’ll update this thread if I have any luck.

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Have a look at my theme, it should be fairly simple if you base it on that

which theme are you referring to?


I think the following can’t be done with CSS alone though:

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