Homepage (sub)category display - lots of whitespace

We recently updated to Discourse version 2.8.0.beta2, and we’re seeing a large gap between the category image/text and the list of subcategories below. Here’s an example:

I’m referring to the large amount of whitespace above the Announcements subcategory. It’s even more prominent with other categories where there are multiple subcategories listed. Prior to updating, there was less whitespace and it looked a little more cohesive overall. Was this an intentional update?

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What version were you previously on? This may not be an issue from a Discourse core update, but something in your theme. Have you tried safe-mode to see if the issue persists?


I believe we were previously on 2.7.0.beta8. I did some safe mode testing and am seeing the same whitespace there.

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When you say “some” testing, what do you mean? Did you disable all themes and plugins?

Yes, I tested with all three boxes checked to disable all themes and plugins. The category image is larger due to the theme being disabled, but the whitespace is the same.


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Okay, I am asking my colleagues who spend more time than I do around the frontend code for help, hang tight!


Hey @hollyw :wave:

I’m not aware of any changes to that area of the top of my head. That said, if you want to reduce the whitespace between the category logo and the subcategory list, you can add something like this to your theme under

common > css

.categories-list .category-logo {
  margin-bottom: 0.25em;

If that doesn’t work for you, can you share a link to the site you’re seeing the issue on so I can take a better look?