Horizontal scrollbar in a certain width range

There is a width range where the horizontal scrollbar is shown. In chrome in windows is from 1000px to 1028px. This is particularly annoying in a 1024px monitor.




Reopening cause of:

Any horizontal scrollbar will wreak complete havoc on our code that scrolls you to the position you need to be on the page when visiting a topic.

Fixing this

@media (max-width: 940px)
#topic-progress, #topic-progress-expanded {
    left: 295px;

It has to do with the ‘left’ position of ‘#topic-progress, #topic-progress-expanded’. It needs to be reduced by about 16px. I think it is set in 2 different media queries.

It’s possible that a lot of positioning issues could be simplified by moving to the border-box box-sizing model.

This fixes a rather common one cause on windows at 1920x1200 at exactly half (which is super easy on win10) you get the scrollbar

Side effects include:


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