Host Discourse on .edu?

I’m new here. And I’m impressed.

My question:

Can I use your service on a domain?

Specifically this:

I can upload HTML and such to this domain, but I don’t think I have any control over DNS issues.

And I’m not very smart about the technical issues.

(Context: I am leading a global research project on good habits, and I want to interact with collaborators using Discourse).



Welcome – I’m a fan of your work.

Absolutely. You need to set up a CNAME record to point that URL to your Discourse instance.
Do you plan to self-host or use a hosting service?


I will do whatever is easiest from a technical perspective. That means hosting service, right?

Yes. If you want us to look after things for you then you can see our options here. If you sign up for a trial we can talk you through configuring the CNAME record.

There are also third party hosts with slightly different offerings.

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I want a regular landing page at . . . but then somehow Discourse hosted (and here’s where I get confused).

Does that then become something like ?

Seems a bit long and crazy.

yes, I could get a .org domain and use that for running discourse. But a random .org doesn’t have the built-in credibility of an .edu (at least not for research purposes)

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I will sign up for sure. In the U.S. it is Thanksgiving. And I just feel a bit guilty being online (essentially working). I may sneak back later and get the signup done. Thanks for your help.


You can definitely use the .edu domain. In the first instance you can set up your trial on our domain (you’ll be given that option when you sign up) and then we can help you work out the best way to configure things so that it’s intuitive for your users.

Enjoy the holiday – we’re not going anywhere.


Check with your building or college tech person & they’ll know who contact to get that stuff worked out. If I were still at Stanford, I’d run Discourse on a server in the closet down the hall, but that’s just me.