Need Step-up Assistance

What would you like done?
I’m 1 person trying to run an entire company - from product development to manufacturing to shipping. I do it all - therefore, I just don’t have time to properly set-up my Discourse forum. Here’s what I need done:

I need someone to take our current Discourse forum -

And set it up so it is visible on my current website as -

Don’t know if you need this bit of info - but our website is in Adobe Muse.

In addition, I need for you to set-up our Discourse forum so all of the incoming topics, are placed into a particular Category of our choosing.

When do you need it done?
The sooner the better.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Hoping $40 to your PayPal account will cover everything.

Thank you!


Seems like you hosted forum with Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting)

Below DNS settings would do

Adding Your own domain & making it as primary

In order to add a hostname within your own domain to your forum, you need to create a CNAME record in your DNS for this hostname, and it should point to
If (and only if) you cannot create a CNAME record (for instance if the hostname is the domainname), you should point an A record to some ip given by discousehosting. you can find in control panel of their

DNS Settings for e-mail

If you don’t have an SPF record yet, you’ll need to add one for your domain. At a minimum, the value should be the following if you’re only sending mail through us for that domain:

v=spf1 include:spf.Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) ?all

If you already have a TXT record with SPF information, you’ll need to add our servers to that record by adding include:spf.Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) in the record (before the last operator, which is usually ?all, ~all, or -all).


Your paid hosting should be assisting you with this – you are asking about DNS (domain name) settings. You would set those at the same place you purchased your domain name from.

Yes, indeed, you can just contact if you need any help with such things. We’re there to help you!

I’m sending you a PM.


Thank you everyone for the answers!

Tech support at Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) emailed / pm’d us and they got it up and running super-fast!

One less thing on the To-Do list. The new forum looks great!

Thanks again everyone -