Hosted account - disabling 2FA without access

This is probably the wrong place for this, but I’m uncertain of where I should make proper contact, and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction –

I have a hosted Discourse ( ) under the program for Creators ( Free Hosting for Open Source | Discourse - Civilized Discussion ). Being reasonably security-minded, I had my account secured via 2FA, using a security key and authenticator app - which was all working fine right up until the end of last month, when for various disastrous reasons, both my YubiKey and the phone running my authenticator app were lost to me. Completely. Might as well have been incinerated for all the chance I have of getting either of them back any time soon.

Is there a means, or someone I can talk to, to prove that I am the legit admin and to get access to my forums back? If so, can someone point me at it?

Thanks muchly!


Probably email to or direct message to one of the team members here, don’t know if they have a standard procedure for what to do about this.

Usually there are some steps to go through to verify your identity in this kind of situation with some platforms, but depending on their security protocol unfortunateley it might not be possible.


Customers can directly send a PM to the group @team, where technical advocates will be able to help. :slight_smile:


Aha! Thank you kindly, both.


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