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On the forum there’s a little problem with the message body getting resized (smaller) horizontally while scrolling down and up through messages. I noticed it last night and PM’d one of their engineers, @jsha. He asked me to post it here for him. Here’s the screen shots. I only had to scroll down a little for this to occur. It also occurs as I scroll from one reply to the next.

In this first image the post is fine.

In this image, notice the message body has shifted to the right and is smaller horizontally. Long sentences get cut shorter and word wrapped. The avatar is also over to the left now.


I’m using the latest version of Firefox. Another community leader also noticed the shifting. I do not see this nor can I reproduce this on Meta, my own forum or on another forum.

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It seems to be a conflict of the current theme with our new feature Sticky avatars: posts avatars following scroll.

If you need to disable it, there is this workaround:


Thank you @michebs. Just a reminder though, is hosted by Discourse. If you would be so kind as to have someone make the change, we’d be grateful.

Pinging Josh @jsha

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Actually @JimPas, the theme that you are using (Vincent) is one we installed custom for ourselves a while ago in order to offer dark mode. I’ll see if there’s an update for Vincent or if we can work around in some way.

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I can say switching from Vincent to the default theme fixes the issue, so it is a conflict with the Vincent theme.

I reported the issue on the Vincent theme’s thread: Discourse Vincent theme - #274 by jsha

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