Hosting instructions unclear - possible to install on rented webhosting without sudo?

Hi, its been a long time since I tried to setup anything like this (used to setup things like PHPNuke and whatnot back in the day), a bit of looking around and it seems Discourse is one of the better forum platforms around.

The instructions for installing this are super unclear to me, and I’m not even sure I can install it on the rented webhosting because it seems to require sudo/root which I do not have… is this accurate?

(renting webhosting from I’m connecting to the webhosting via Putty

Can anyone tell me if this is a thing or not, and if so point me to where I can find a bit more detailed instructions for my scenario (rather than hosting on my own linux machne…?).


You need root privileges and to be able to install docker. I haven’t read the docs lately, but I thought that was clear.

If not, how could they be more clear?

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