Install/deploy Discourse with Bitmani


I’m now looking into how and where to deploy my Discourse installation. Options:

  1. AWS using Docker
  2. AWS using Bitnami

As far as I can tell I cannot find any disadvantages in Bitnami (as of this date) in comparison to Docker. I read here that people don’t like and I don’t understand why. I have access to the file system, I can install plugins, change all the settings and in addition Bitnami will update it whenever a fresh update is being release. From my end it feels like I’m outsourcing a nuisance of maintaining another part of my system. Especially if I want to focus on the platform itself and the content.

What am I missing?


We (the Discourse team) do not support the Bitnami install. That means if anything goes wrong or is not working as expected our answer will be “go use the official install method”. If you’re comfortable with that, go ahead and use Bitnami. But if you want support, stick to the official Docker install.


Hi Joshua,

Thanks for replying. Can you give me an example(even a simple one) of something that happened to other users on Bitmani and created issues. I’m going to get a very important decision soon and I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. One of my pain-points in vBulletin (my current system) was the constant need to update it (and the server)

I’m not going to install more then very few plugins on it or modify the source code.


Your best bet is to do a search and make your own mind up :slight_smile: There have been quite a few posts on it.