House Ads in the official Ad Plugin

Oh my… now I see what it’s doing. Thanks for the point-out! Lots to learn.

While the granularity is handy and allows each to be selected, it would be nice to have an ‘all’ option, or a multi-select UI. I’m imagining a list of ads down the left side and columns of checkboxes for each ad location… although that is not a UI format I have seen used so far.


Is there a possibility to track views and clicks on the House Ads?

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Tracking clicks is easy enough with bitly. Not sure about views.

Wauw It took me some time to find where you download this plugin.

Therefore I paste a link: - it might save some time for others…?


Quick suggestion: I think it would be awesome if some of the global ad plugin options were available for each individual ad.


  • no ads for personal messages
  • no ads for groups
  • no ads for categories
  • no ads for tags

Also, perhaps a new option for ‘no ads on homepage’ (both for global and individual ad settings).

Then you could target house ads, showing different ads for different categories/tags and the homepage.

An alternative would be for the targeting to be positive instead of negative, so you actively select the locations where the ad will be displayed - instead of where it won’t be displayed.


This is fantastic! Great job y’all!!!


Any chance of having settings per ad? I’d like to create an ad that displays only to one group. But I don’t want to turn off ads completely for all other groups.

Edited to add this question: Can this perhaps be achieved by editing the CSS for the particular ad I want to display only to the one group?

Yes this is a way to do it. The primary group of the current user will be used to add a class to the body tag on the page. Since my primary group here is “team”, the body tag has a class “primary-group-team” for me.

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Hmmm… I can only target the primary group, though? That’s not going to work in my situation.

Do you check in Settings -> Ad Plugin?

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We don’t support settings per ad, so there’s no way to do that without looking at the primary ad group.


Quick followup question. Is it possible to target users without a primary group? If I could just create an ad that was shown to people who hadn’t joined any groups yet, pushing them to join a group, I’d be a happy camper.

Hi Neil, did you ever create an option to restrict an ad to nominated categories? if so, or if you have a work-around, that would be brilliant. In my case, each advertiser is typically only relevant for one category.


No that feature hasn’t been created and we don’t have a spec for it yet. There isn’t a good workaround other than using a css class to hide ads when they’re in the wrong category.


But it’s a valid point, showing ads for specific category is definitely useful. I use discourse with category as different language, so using different language ads for specific categories would be nice.

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I am trying the official Ad plugin for in house ads and I am wondering if it is possible to show ads to custom locations (other than #available-locations-for-ad-display).

I have added a custom HTML/CSS header using the Edit HTML/CSS feature and would like to be able to put in house ads managed in the admin with the plugin in my custom header.

Is it something doable ? Thanks !

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It would be more amazing if we can put an email of the advertiser with the specific banner or link and to send him weekly or monthly reports for the performance, like views and clicks.

I’m guessing that’s a bit outside the simple solution this is meant to provide. Sounds like you want a full-fledged advertising solution.

However, having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if those metrics are actually tracked in the DB, and perhaps you could pull them out with Data Explorer and process them into emails outside of Discourse.


We are trying to pull ads from our rails server where we already have a custom ad server built, but unfortunately there is no easy way to do this without having desktop / mobile versions of the ad slots available. We would be tracking the ad serve / impression on the rails side so need to know which ad we’re displaying on the rails side (can’t rely on media queries on discourse side). We’re trying to avoid hacking the ember code … does anyone have any ideas?

Hello Abram,

Is your ad server open source ? We are looking into similar implementation too.