How about a filter for when you have sevral teams on the same forum?

(Ekenheim) #1

Hey guys,

I’m curious since I couldn’t find a thread or on my deployment settings a feature that would allow me to filter like this:

Let’s say I have a forum about fotball, and I have a few categories: X/Y/Z.
I would like to be able to filter the categories by team, so maybe I say filter by just showing topics involving 1 team…

Or let’s say I play World of Warcraft and I have a category for all the different classes, but I’d like to filter the posts by just showing Alliance or maybe Horde…

I think you understand what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:
Basically it’s having several teams/factions using the same forum but able to filter posts.
I guess this would need another box to be added for each user to identify the posts…?

I’d love to hear your replies…

(Bill Ayakatubby) #2

So you want subcategories?

(Ekenheim) #3

I guess that’s what I’m asking for yeah… Is this supported at the moment?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes, subcategories have been in for months and months.

(Kane York) #5

Check out these pages:

Basically, you can get “another Latest page” with just the contents of that category and its subcategories. You’ll have to make sure that you keep your pin count down, though, if you start recommending the use of these pages to users.

(Ekenheim) #6

That’s brilliant, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Ekenheim) #7

So I’ve played around with this abit…
I have about 15 different categories, and each category will have about 7-15 subcategories.
Sure that’s not how my forum will start with, however as we get more and more users into our platform the categories and subcategories will adapt accordingly…

Playing with it now and trying to figure out how it would look, when creating a new thread from the main page,
the amount of categories mixed with subcategories just will scare away anyone :stuck_out_tongue:.

When creating a new thread what about just showing categories in 1 box, and after you’ve chosen a category, populate another dropdown with subcategories? [Title][Category][Subcategory] now it’s [Title][Category/Subcateory] all mixed…

(Jeff Atwood) #8

I think you’re over-categorizing. See this advice:­-part-2/

4) Creating too many categories

Over specialising categories is a common problem that manifests itself differently in communities old and new. It most commonly manifests as a gigantic front page, filled with every possible permutation of the community’s general topic. A community about games might have separate categories for first­person shooters, third­person shooters, side scrollers etc, where they would better be served with either a category marked “Shooters” or simply an overarching category marked “Games”.

In new communities, this stems from a desire from the founder to make sure that any topic the community could want to talk about is covered. While this is understandable, it will lead to users simply being intimidated by the enormous number of categories at their disposal. In most communities with vast numbers of categories, the majority of them will lie fallow. If a new user posts in one and doesn’t get a response, they’re unlikely to persist much further.

(Ekenheim) #9

But this is by design, I’m not saying we will have a huge amount of categories to start with…
The community we’re building will eventually need categories for each “school” and quite the few subcategories to go with “school”.

We love Discourse this is the only real feature we’re missing :slight_smile: