How awesome discourse is able to crowdsource its development!

(Caue Rego) #1

Damn, I’m finding myself recently with even more good things to praise about discourse than to even suggest features ( which I just looooove to do, like many people! :stuck_out_tongue: ). Here is yet another one of my advocating sessions, quoted without modifications:

Discourse, like probably any awesome service / product out there, is made up of hundreds or thousands of little details done right. Not perfect, still got all the many flaws you could expect, but by being such an embracing open source endeavour there’s nothing that could surpass it, as it is indeed using the full internet power to improve itself, and it have been doing so before any other similar tool, better than all of them.

Go to Jeff’s blog. Meta discourse. Keep on reading and learning about it. Move on to Sam’s and the other devs, who are not so prominent in blogging which means they are doing all the hard code lifting. Check the community contribution to it. If you’re not using discourse, it probably means you don’t really know about it. You’d be surprised.