Thanks to discourse

Discourse is my all top favorite forum, why because of the discourse team, without all their contributions and dedication to expanding the forum, I would of never gotten this far without them, I started off new and unfamiliar with the software, now I’m slowly learning on how to create one on my own in a local environment, I would like to thank everyone on the discourse team for getting me to where I am now. By looking up basic topics on how to change settings, wiki, etc, to more difficult like email, installing discourse, etc. again thanks. if any co-founder would take a second of their time to answer a few questions, (optional) it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

What made you want to create a open source platform like discourse?

Did you think creating a open source community would benefit you to expand and make lots of money, because maintaining a large forum, writing code, etc is alot of work

Do you feel proud in creating a large expanding community of large users and helping them out?

What type of equipment did you first use to write the code? Who wrote the first code?

How many users (customers) have you gained from the year 2015 to now! Did that help you gain interest in developing more in your product.

I noticed @codinghorror used to previously maintain stack overflow, what made you want to move over to discourse more? Did that benefit you?

Thank you for your cooperation :slight_smile:


Seen this?

The goal of the company we formed, Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc., is exactly that – to raise the standard of civilized discourse on the Internet through seeding it with better discussion software:


Not here to steal the show from the Discourse team, but I did a bit of “researching” and reading when I was first getting into Discourse. Here are some that might be relevant to your questions. :wink:

Civilized Discourse Construction Kit .

The Discourse Team . .

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I can’t take much credit because I’m pretty new to the team, but thanks for your words. It’s appreciated.

And yes, we’re proud.


I’m glad that your proud, discourse is a step up to what I used to use ( myBB, SMF) and its been wonderful. :wink:

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I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what website host, and what website them discourse uses. I would like the create a website similar to discourse, but I don’t know what they use.

This is from 2013 so the Imperial fleet must have more craft by now.

This site runs Discourse,