How best to display badges on my forum & website

I really like the idea of Discourse badges, but how can I display what badges my users are earning so the rest of the community will get inspired?

It seems that currently I have to click on the users name in order to view their badges.

Can I create a page somewhere that lists the top users in my forum? Would it be possible to have the badges/titles my users have earned displayed next to their name when they post?

I just want to make the badges my users are earning as visible as possible throughout my forum and website. A tutorial video for how best to do this would be terrific (if it exists anywhere) but in the meantime any words of wisdom or guidance is much appreciated. :grinning:

There is a dedicated page for them…have you checked it out on your forum?


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have checked out that page.

I guess what I’m hoping for is a leaderboard, or someway of displaying my most active and helpful forum users for all to see.

This way my other users will instantly know who the top users are. It’d be really cool if I could display my top badge earners in the sidebar of my wordpress website, for example.

Anything like that would be great.

On what platform is your website made? If you use wordpress, firstly, you should check your theme settings because not all themes supports badges. This wordpress template design should be like . That will allow you to display the best users of your forum as you wanted

Thanks Terry. :+1:t2:

Do you know if there is a shortcode I can use to display my to forum posters in a page on my Wordpress website?